Toyota Sports Campaign

We make it a Toyota. You make it a sports car.

Active is my middle name.
No, seriously.

Active is my middle name.
No, seriously.

The true sports cars are the ones who help a whole nation practice sports. In this campaign we enlisted US Olympian Sugar Todd and others to show the behind-the-scenes of athletic success.

RAV stands for "Recreational Active Vehicle". This national campaign set out to let people know just how active the RAV4 really is. We went to Patagonia and to the Bisti Badlands in New Mexico to practice what we preach.

TV Spot "It Takes a Village" awarded at Clio Sports awards

Sugar seems to 
have liked it!


TV Spot "Sports Family"

TV Spot "Pep Talk"

Digital The campaign extended into the digital world, with video and interactive media products – this time with a more direct visual message, showing how to make sports cars out of your Toyotas.


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