The most action-packed, fast-paced, white-knuckle online classes ever.

The most action-packed, fast-paced, white-knuckle online classes ever.


This campaign is centered around the driver, and features the track-tuned, road-ready Toyota GR86. This is where the masters of the road assemble, where skills are honed and driving potential is realized. We call it FasterClass.

We gave every part of our campaign a lesson aspect, and assembled a team of driving masters to teach our audience how to master the drive and turn everyday situations into exciting feats of driving skill.

Launch Film - Assembling the best drift drivers in the world

Lesson 1 - Fasterfood

Lesson 2 - Escape Work

Lesson 3 - Claim Your Spot

Lesson 4 - Dance In The Rain

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6-Second Thrills

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