But first, ideas.

Through live workshops, online courses and videos, I've helped thousands of people become better creatives. 

Ad creatives are constantly pressured to be more brilliant in less time. I help them focus their creative energy so they can find brilliance consistently, and without burnout. This way, they can fall back in love with creativity, create brilliant work and advance their career.

I bring the same philosophy to the workplace, fostering a learning, growth, and collaboration mindset.
This breeds not just a dedicated team, but also formidable work.

18 years in the creative industry and an insatiable curiosity on the subject have put me in a position where I can share my creative philosophy with other creatives. In truth, I just want to pass on everything I wanted to have learned when I was starting out.

You can visit my creativity website at TheProfessionalCreative.com

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Striking Creative Gold. 

Right now I'm delevoping a creativity course for ad creatives, counting with the help of some of the best creatives in the world, including CCOs, ECDs and CDs from top shops, like BBH NY, DDB Chicago, McCann NY and Publicis Spain.

Talking with these amazing creatives about what we do is such a learning experience. And as I pass on the lessons to my students, I also get the opportunity to learn and evolve my own creative leadership skills.

In the past I've also gotten the good word out there, sharing my creative experiences and advice on the 'Gram.

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Say hi. Shoot me an email at leo@leorosaborges.com