Fanta Middle East and North Africa

Fanta Orange with a local flavor.

Fanta Orange with a local flavor.

While handling the creative for Fanta in the whole MENA region, we came up with a localized solution for a global flavor. Teens like hanging out together, no matter where they are from. But in the Arab region, they gather around pool tables.

TV Spot "Arcade"



The Fanta Tasteable Ad
To launch the new orange flavor, we created a tasteable print ad. Yes, you could eat it. And yes, it tasted like Fanta.

fanta tasteable ad corner

Out of Home


Stunt Remember when projection mapping was all the rage? We created the first projection mapping presentation in the Middle East, which happened at the feet of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Fanta Citrus Online Videos The naughty lime joins forces with lemon to create a smashing new flavor. Physical humor was actually part of the brief. So fun.

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