The difference between Innovation and Creativity

creativity vs innovation

Recently on Quora, I answered a question that deals with a couple of concepts that are super talked about nowadays: “creativity” and “innovation”. In the tech-savvy, always-connected, ever-evolving world we live in, those 2 words are in everyone’s mouths.

Does everyone know what they’re really talking about? Most people are not sure how to define creativity or innovation, and get their noodles cooking when asked to differentiate the two. If that’s the case for you, don’t feel bad. There are a few different definitions out there, so it’s a little bit like religion: you should stick to whatever you believe, but if someone else believes something different, it doesn’t mean their wrong. But there are a some related concepts that are undeniable, like the fact that every new idea generates from previously existing concepts.

Read my answer below, or read it on Quora.

What is the difference between creativity and innovation? How do you define creativity? How do you define innovation?

You’re going to find that the definition of “creativity” and “innovation” vary A LOT depending of the author/source. I have my own take on it, which I offer below. Continue reading

There’s no “i” in Creatvty


There's no "I" in creatvty

There’s no reason to deny it: creation is a selfish act. We hear the stories about TV artists being a bit too touchy about criticism or the singer who throws a fit because things aren’t exactly the way he wants. Anyone who’s ever created something has felt at least a little bit like that. Doesn’t matter if it’s a company, a marketing plan or even a power-point presentation. When it’s your idea, it’s personal.

We know that great breakthroughs in creativity come from environments that allow creative people to exchange ideas. This is the whole basis of Steven Johnson’s research – you can find out more about it in this great video or watch his TED talk. An ambient where ideas can be exchanged is a breeding ground for innovation and we definitely need to share our ideas with our peers in early stages to allow for cross-pollination and improvement. That’s not the same as saying we should come up with ideas in groups. Continue reading