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Last year, I was lucky enough to have my creative work make it to the Super Bowl.

I know it's a rare occasion. It might be a once in a lifetime kinda deal. So I thought I'd document it. I made a video log of our creative process and everything that happened during the production of the "Heroes" spot we created for the Toyota Highlander.

I tell everything: the good and the bad. You tell me if it got ugly...

We are one month away from the Super Bowl 2021, so I thought this would be a nice time to share my experience as the excitement builds towards the biggest stage of TV advertising this year.

"Heroes" aired on Feb 2, 2020. When having a guy in a hazmat suit was still OK.

The last 11 months have been pretty rough, but hopefully these videos can inform and entertain creatives like us a little bit.

Super Bowl spots this year are expected to be a bit of a downer. But if my colleagues are doing their job right, they'll be doing everything to break that expectation.