I remember the banter among my colleagues from back in the day, at design school. We'd tease each other calling "artist" those who did a nice job or came out with a nice design for a project. No one liked it.

Being creative is highly associated with being artistic. It shouldn't be. Although art can hardly live outside creativity, one can certainly be creative without creating art. The problem is many people believe they can't be creative because they are not artistic.

It’s about time we separate art from creativity.

Creativity manifests itself in many forms outside the world of art. A new product, a new app, a new system, a process, or even a new way of organizing your closet. These are all examples of creative endeavors, and they are not art. "Creativity os not a talent. It's a way of operating.", as put Joh Cleese eloquently in this famous talk.

Creativity comes in handy when the possible solutions for a given problem are endless.

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