Me (Leo Rosa Borges) and my good friend Antonio Marcato had the opportunity to chat to Angel Garcia – a designer who's had his hand on some of the biggest marketing projects in the gaming industry. He's now at Facebook, and tell us about the creative path that led him to where he is now.

Angel was generous enough to give us a big chunk of his time. I love talking to creative people: we immediately recognize each other, even though we work in different industries. The more I talk to people who are creative for a living, the more I solidify my belief that the underlying principles of creativity are universal, and will help you in whatever position you find yourself in.

Here's a few things we talked about:

  • The pandemic and how it's impacting creativity (we tried not to talk about Covid-19, but it's impossible!)
  • Growing up in SoCal, and its impact on Angel's work
  • Marketing in the Gaming industry
  • The making of hit video game "The Last of Us"
  • Creativity across different industries
  • Beginner's Mind
  • and the lessons about creativity Angel's careers have taught him

There's a lot of things to learn from such an accomplished creative like Angel. Enjoy our chat. Let us know what you thought of it.