Here's a thing or two creatives in advertising have to teach about creativity and idea-making. Created and written by Andy Fackrell, Regional Creative Director, DDB Group Asia Pacific, "The Idea Catchers" reminds people in our industry how valuable ideas are. As we see snippets of some of the most famous, most creative ideas of the last 30 years or so, the voice-over tells us those ideas are not great by accident.

The video is very advertising centric, and people in the ad industry will probably be touched. It is so specially for creatives – I count myself among them – who have seen their craft commoditized in more recent years. Within it, though, there are maxims of creativity the ad industry has proven true in its short history.

Here are 3 quotes from the video that are lessons on their own:

One idea can do the job of ten, or twelve.

Just like a well-designed engine, a well-designed idea will give you more mileage for your gallon.

It’s about life experiences resulting in an idea you’d never have thought of, yet totally wish you had.

Ideas come out of existing pieces of information in our minds. A life rich in experiences will yield more creative ideas.

The best solution is never the first one, the obvious one. But the beautiful ones. They just look that way in hindsight.

This last quote is my favorite. A great idea is so simple it looks and feels effortless. But in truth, it is fruit of hard work.

Read a little bit more about this piece on DDB Group Asia Pacific's blog. And keep those lessons in mind.