The Work of Leo Rosa Borges TYPE | DESIGN | CRAFT

“Perfection is a matter of knowing which imperfections to keep”

– Leo Rosa Borges

Logo and Identity Design

World-class logo and visual identity design.

Custom Lettering

Customized hand-made lettering for logos, apparel, posters, ads, invitations.


Digital and hand-made Illustrations for special projects. 

The man with the pen

Leo Rosa Borges is a professional creative who’s been working in the advertising and graphic design industry for over 12 years. He’s won top awards – including a Titanium Lion – for his ideas and his craft.

Throughout this whole time, calligraphy and lettering have been a side craft and a passion for him:

“In any form of communication, people will connect the most with the human elements in it. Like a personal story in a film, or an expressive face in a photograph.  In lettering, we can feel the emotion in the movement that generated a stroke. That’s what people connect with. And that’s what fascinates me.”

As a seasoned art director himself, Leo understands the needs of clients and agencies alike. He can help you achieve your goal without compromising the quality of the work. And you know what? He’d love to work with you.

Hit him up at or +1 (310) 529-2798. You can also send him a message through the form below.

He’s a pleasure to work with. You can ask around.

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